The Event
This project came about as a result of an exhibition entitled 'Chinese Whispers' that was organised for The Event festival in Birmingham in the spring of 2007.

The idea for the exhibition was based on the party game Chinese Whispers. An artist was invited to make a work of art in the style of their own practice and then to show it to another artist for them to respond to in the manner of their own work. This procedure was repeated along the string of artists invited to take part in the show.

Artist Paul Newman began the chain, showing his work to Jane Anderson, who then made a drawing in response to this which was, in turn, shown to photographer Tom Ranahan. Painter Stephen Earl Rogers then made a drawing in response to Ranahan's work, and Kate Pemberton produced her piece, Audience, comprising 56 miniature wooden chairs, in response to Earl Rogers. Jo Löki then responded to Pemberton's work to complete the cycle. The chain led from a strange landscape featuring an even stranger cowboy into a mysterious and decidely esoteric dollshouse...

Audience Works
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